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Irish Farmerette Goes Cycling

I love going for a cycle and once the twice daily feeding of calving has eased, I’m intending to get out for a cycle most days in May. There is a particularly nice route nearby which is about 8 miles long and takes me through a picturesque village, over stone bridges and babbling brooks.


Irish Farmerette is now on Facebook

Irish Farmerette is on Facebook

It’s been a busy week – my dad was in hospital, I was teaching on Wednesday night (Blogging Effectively for Your Business) and delivered a talk at a #webpowwow in Wexford yesterday morning. Even though I’m becoming much more accustomed to talking in public (and Toastmasters has helped a lot), I find the adrenaline coursing through my veins seems to sap my energy afterwards too!


New Baby Calves at Garrendenny

It’s that calving time of the year when I turn into a single mother for a few months 🙂

It is always lovely when the first calf arrives though, the first one is always special and even more so if it is a heifer as this year’s was. Dairy heifer calves are worth more than bulls from a dairy British Friesien herd plus it is nice to know that they will ?live for longer!