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Compact Calving and Calf Feeding

95 calves in 23 days with 50 more to go. 2 losses (one was the c-section) but where there’s life, there’s a chance of death death! We’ve had 5 sets of twins, one set of bulls, two sets of heifer/bull, ?two sets of heifers (double bonus as a heifer born with a twin bull will almost certainly be infertile due to the male hormones in the womb – we did have one 4 years ago that was seen bulling and [...]

Irish Farmerette’s Bucket List for 2013

bucket listForget about goals and objectives though I have written them too and am slightly daunted by my long list of goals but a much more fun list is a bucket list for 2013, and having just read a suggested list on Her.ie I decided to write a list of ten things I’d like to do/learn/achieve in 2013.

1. Learn how to crochet more than granny squares and make something [...]

A Day in the Life of an Irish Farmerette

For someone who loves blogging, I’m very aware that I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t been around here much! I’ve had this post in my head for some time that I must write down what I do all day (in an attempt too to eliminate any procrastination sneaking in there) so thought I’d share it with you.

7:30 – I [...]

Irish Farmerette goes to the Charisma Bootcamp

You may remember that I mentioned some time ago that I was heading to the Charisma Bootcamp, organised by Owen Fitzpatrick. Well, that happened over the last few days. I only made it to the Gresham on Thursday and Saturday (was teaching on Friday and we have an unwritten rule that Sundays are family days – put it this way, I’d have given Brian a hard time if he disappeared on a Sunday for a farming conference so [...]