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My Farming Week: Feeding Men, Do Farm Women Work Harder & Book 2

The Silage Is In

This week was all about silage and slurry. (Silage is grass that is cut and chopped, brought to a concrete pit and packed in tight. When covered with polythene and tyres to keep the air out, it stays preserved until the cattle eat it in the winter – it’s important to get it in as dry as possible). ?The contractors had a few problems with the mowing which meant it was dragged out a bit but it [...]

Attempt At Silage

Silage was started today and ended – it had been a dull day and when the mist came, we called it a day, they had only cut a few rounds of one field at that stage anyway. ?Tomorrow is to be sunny with isolated showers and hopefully the showers will stay away.

Silage 2013[...]