Goats keen for supper and bed, wish children were as enthusiastic!

It is turning out to be a really busy time – partly cos of the Blog Awards, partly because I’m running 2 businesses, partly cos I procrastinate at time and partly because some calves have been poorly (2 died this morning, one of whom was Betsy one of the triplets which really upset us all) but hopefully with different treatment today, the others will rally and recover.

The goats are time-consuming too! Becky lets her Daisy suckle as she is a firm favourite but I have to hold her to ensure that Snickers, her adopted son, can suckle. Megan only lets Mars suckle so I have to hold her so Tulip can suckle. Occasionally I manage to grab both of them at the same time but that is rare! The goat kids are getting big and I only hold the goats twice a day for Tulip and Snickers as they are eating meal and grass too.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87XtKnfVvAM%5D

Goats love routine, they are happiest when on the patch of grass they know best. They love coming back in to a cosy shed in the evening and if they are at the far end of the field and hear me walking to the gate, they all come racing with their ears flapping. They were nearby when I shot the video above so no ears flapped (another day for that) but you’ll get an idea how big the kids are getting.


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