It’s a Goat’s Life!

What a week of weather – our fields are saturated and yet the American midlands are experiencing severe drought – isn’t it mad! ?The good news is we had a clear TB test today – always a relief! But it seems ?insane that the kids were inside today watching a Harry Potter DVD ?(instead of being out in the sunshine) while the rain beat against the window.

Goats do not like rain, nor do they like strong winds. In fact, they are quite delicate creatures in some ways. We bring them into the shed in the evenings and they have a shelter in their field in case of sudden showers but the weather has been so wet, they’ve had complete days indoors. We have a little copse between the house and the farm that we planted a few years ago and there is a surplus of ‘Sallys’ so each day we were cutting down one and putting it into the goat house. They loved them! ?They would all launch themselves at the leaves and even strip it of all its bark.

The boys are now gone to a friend’s who will kill them for goat meat in the autumn. We are intending to sell the girls but I haven’t done anything about them as yet. ?We have 5 girls now and on an intensive farm, 5 goats = one cow in terms of calculating nitrates plus I just don’t have the time for what we get out of them.

Becky has become much more mellow since she had Daisy though, maybe she was desperate to become a mother for the last few years! Daisy has lovely colouring and although she had to share her mum with Snickers (adopted brother), she was clearly the favourite and is the most confident goat kid with very high self esteem!

Megan is still a sweetheart though I have to hold her now to let Tulip suck. Not sure if it is because she wants her to wean or because she misses Mars (her favourite). ? ?Tulip has quite a strong character, definitely the most inquisitive. She’d often wander off to investigate something in the mornings when I’d be bringing them down the yard to their field and then suddenly she realises we’ve gone and races after us. I have had to go searching for her ?and she was in the milking parlour pit getting splashed with the hose as Brian was washing it.

Snickers is an opportunist, ready to grab milk or anything else at the slightest opportunity and Mars is fairly quiet, the most reserved of them all. Katie is a lovely yearling – very tall now, as big as the adults. ?While I am holding Megan for Tulip to suckle, Katie will come over and nibble at me until I rub and scratch her neck and then she stands as quiet as anything.

They love hot sunny days and will lie basking in the sun. They’re not the only ones so here’s hoping for some sunshine next week!

2 thoughts on “It’s a Goat’s Life!

    • Lorna

      Yes he is! the girls’ personalities have changed since the boys left actually. Daisy is still as independent as ever but Tulip isn’t as adventurous – wonder does she miss her brothers? Megan is fine now.



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