50 Shades of Hay: How To Be The Perfect Farming Wife

I realised there was more to training someone to be a perfect farming wife when Geraldine, journalist with the Sunday World, arrived for her day of farmwife training here. Dressed in jeans and a checked shirt but with a pink Stetson hat, perfect protection against splashes from a cow’s rear in her opinion, I showed her how to milk a cow by hand and by machine. ? Feeding the lamb, she was forgetting to tilt the bottle up so the milk would flow. She did a great job of hunting the yearling bulls but it was holding the hen that revealed her to be a city girl – when she became anxious about a scratch on her arm from the hen and went off to get an antiseptic wipe from her bag in case it became infected that I realised that perhaps I’m more of a hardened farming wife than I thought. ?It was good craic and the article was published in last week’s Sunday World complete with lots of pictures.

50 Shades of Hay - Farm Wife Training

Learn how to be a perfect Farm Wife:

hen partyFor those who might like to learn how to become the perfect farming wife and have good craic at their hen party into the bargain, At this farmyard hen party venue, you and your friends can learn how to milk a cow, churn butter, catch a cock, round up the sheep, throw wellies (this is important as if the farmer is driving you mad for any reason in the future, you can threaten him with your practised good aim) and of course, make the perfect loaf of brown bread.

There’s full details and booking forms over at henparty.ie. I’d love to hear how you get on. It sounds like great craic.

The lovely people at Henparty.ie are also stocking my book ‘Would You Marry A Farmer?’ on their online store so you could either order it with other henparty goodies or ensure you have it as a reference guide to your farmyard training day.

If you are a farming wife, what advice would you share?


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