Wardrobe Changes for Female Farmers

The ‘feeding calves to shopping’ wardrobe for the farmer’s wife! Having a chat with others on twitter the other day about wearing wellies or not to collect the children from school and having my husband comment on my attire when I returned from the bank today, I’m wondering what other female farmers and farmer’s wives do when they need to change from one outfit to another fairly quickly.

I don’t wear wellies to the school by the way – I’d have to drive and they are way too mucky to go in the car. Well, they are sluiced through a disinfectant bath regularly but I’d have to pull them out of the stinky waterproofs and it would be way too much hassle. I do wear them to the road gate in the mornings though when walking the kids to the school bus.


I used to always wear jeans on the farm but partly because of my choice of ‘quick change’ attire this winter, I now usually wear leggings. I bought a nice short dress in Pamela Scott before Christmas, perfect with black leggings and boots. ?For all those occasions when I need to nip into the bank in the local town or down to the local shop (especially now it is milder and I don’t have the camouflage of a long coat and a hat to hide my farming attire and unbrushed hair), I just remove the long cardigan I wear over a black top and the black leggings, pull on the dress and swop the wellies for my boots. ?The leggings are fairly well protected by calf and milk smells by the waterproofs so are fairly clean looking. All done in less than a minute and no hassle involved.

Do you have any tips for quick changes from farming gear to ‘town wear’? I’d love to hear them as I’m sure I could be more efficient at it!

4 thoughts on “Wardrobe Changes for Female Farmers

  • M T McGuire

    I don’t live on a farm but I go metal detecting quite a lot and I did get really smeggy wet wellies (and feet) on one occasion and decide I couldn’t have my wellies inside the car. My shoes were muddy too so I ended up slinging them in a bag and driving home barefoot. I got hopelessly lost in Epping – there is only one signpost out of town and only in one direction – and it was not helped by the fact that usually I’d just pop into a newsagent and ask but that day I couldn’t get out of the car.

    The moral of this story is not to drop your spare shoes into a deep puddle.



    • Lorna

      My parents have just bought a new new car and my dad kinda sees it as a curse as he can’t get into it wearing his wellies. I totally agree with him 🙂

  • Vicki Flores

    Tunics and leggings are a staple! My first and foremost rule is NO “dry cleaning” articles. My biggest challenge is shoes. My truck is too small to stash extra items, so I have been known to make that emergency run into town in less than lovely boots. During the summer, I switch to moccasins.



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