Interview with Organic Beef Farmer Maria Phelan


12% of Ireland’s registered farmers are female. That means that the percentage of women farming registered with a herd number is 12%. Apparently half of that number are widows which suggest the majority of them are over 60. That translates into 6% of Ireland?s farmers being young and female. However, is this really a true reflection on the facts? I’m afraid I don’t have the time [...]

Meet Catherina, Aubrac Female Farmer

I first met Catherina of Derrybrack Aubracs on twitter and was struck by her enthusiasm for her beloved Aubrac cattle. It all stemmed from a win of an Aubrac calf some years ago. She is hugely passionate about farming and bodes well for Ireland’s future farmers if many of them are as enthusiastic as Catherina.

1. Hi Catherina, do tell us about your background and location please.
I’m 16, from?Co. Mayo and I’m the eldest of two sisters and one brother.
We have [...]

Is It A Load Of Bull?

I’ve been meaning to write a post on the beef crisis for ages. I put it off as I just wasn’t in the mood when we had got shed full of bulls and weren’t sure when they would be going to the factory and then I just got busier! ?There has been much written about the increasing power of the supermarkets particularly in the light of the vegetables being sold for 5 cent before Christmas and totally discrediting the work [...]

Book Review – A Year on Our Farm

It’s been a busy week but I wanted to tell you about this new farming book as it will be on sale at the Ploughing Championships. I was late to their book launch as I was doing a talk on crowdfunding and when I got to Ann and Robin Talbot’s farm, there were loads of people milling around with their copies of ‘A Year on the Farm’.A year on the land[...]