How Long Does It Take To Cook A Nutritious Meal?

I’m conscious I haven’t written a post about the #horsegate saga yet, partly because I know I’ll probably start to rant and never shut up but will try to contain my angst and not ramble on!

It beggars belief that an Irish abbatoir has been deliberately labelling horsemeat as beef and exporting it. A criminal activity that I hope lands them in jail, given the pride, money and work that goes into the traceability of Irish beef. ?Farmers have to keep [...]

Bull Beef Kill Out

It’s not often a farmer whoops with joy and pleasure. Farmers, although optimistic by nature (they’d have to be to survive in this occupation) never let on to others that they are pleased or happy, perhaps they know that one good day may be followed by a bad one and it’s never good to get too carried away.


The cheque arrived yesterday for [...]

Our Silage Saga

Wow, it has been a busy few weeks! I’ll start off by filling you in on our silage saga and a saga it was. I don’t think I could have written about it before now as I would just have ranted and ranted so I had to get all that out of my system!

For anyone [...]

A Special Bullock

As the bulls will be going to the factory over the coming weeks, I remember one particular bullock that had such character. ?Perhaps this story also shows that although farming is a business and has to produce a profit, some animals can be very special to farmers.

As a dairy herd, all of our calves are sired by mostly AI, using top dairy bulls and we finish off with one of our own dairy bulls but years ago when we first [...]

‘Stopping a Gap’

Reading Imen’s column this week in the Irish Country Living of how she feels she is now a proper cowgirl as she ‘stopped a gap’ reminded me of how we used to transport cattle to and from our outfarm years ago.

Our outfarm is about a mile and a half away from the home farm. Calves and cattle are grazed there during the summer. Nowadays, we transport them by cattle trailer as we’d have to cross two main roads [...]