Gone Missing

Happiness is seeing a rainbow

My blogging has been a bit erratic of late. I think of plenty of topics to write about, I have a list of titles and subjects, I’ve been meaning to tell you all about the “milk powder plot” for months. I’ve had good intentions to send out a newsletter for weeks. You know – you tell people you won’t bombard them with newsletters, no more than one a month on average but I reckon it could be six months since [...]

Letter to my 39 year old self

I’m teaching an online blogging course at the moment over at We Teach Social and one of the things I tell my blogging students is that reading other blogs can inspire your own posts. I have been thinking about writing a post to a younger self for a while and two blog posts I read recently have made me put fingers to keyboard here. ?I’m conscious that I’ve always been fairly independent, matter-of-fact, relatively fiery at times, always wanted to [...]

Busy weekend – farmer wants a wife, blog awards …

I’ve a very busy weekend ahead. Tomorrow night, I head to Armagh to judge the ‘Farmers Wants a Wife’ competition. It is in aid of charity and ten farmers will be interviewed and do a ‘party piece’ before a crowd of over 300 people.

farmer wants  wife

The president of the YFCU and I are judging and if I remember correctly, our scores will account for 30% of the marks – [...]