Busy weekend – farmer wants a wife, blog awards …

I’ve a very busy weekend ahead. Tomorrow night, I head to Armagh to judge the ‘Farmers Wants a Wife’ competition. It is in aid of charity and ten farmers will be interviewed and do a ‘party piece’ before a crowd of over 300 people.

farmer wants  wife

The president of the YFCU and I are judging and if I remember correctly, our scores will account for 30% of the marks – the rest is up to the audience. We’ll also be summing up and commenting on each farmer. Yikes!

Irish Country Living

It got a nice bit of coverage in the paper’s today. Irish Country Living included it in their backchat and Denis Lehane wrote a very funny article about farmers and marriage in today’s Irish Examiner and he included my book and the charity event. Nice bit of PR 🙂

Would You Marry A Farmer? Irish Examiner

It really is going to be a good laugh and I’m looking forward to it. Calling to the printers on the way up too and then on the way home on Saturday, I detour via the blog awards in the Osprey. It’s been a lot of work for the last few months, for some strange reason it has actually been more work than last year’s, and it is all going to come to an end with a good awards night and 33 winners being announced. I wish I could say I could sleep on Sunday and Monday but have to dig out some paperwork for the accountant and catch up on my editing.

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