Truly Irish

Two weeks ago was World Food Day but I never got a chance to write a post. ?I interviewed Shane McAuliffe of Truly Irish ?some time ago but never got around to writing the post as I needed to give it sufficient time to do it justice and now that the book is in the editor’s hands, I’ve time to get back to blogging. ?Pig farming doesn’t get a great press here in Ireland – we hear of [...]

Book Review – A Year on Our Farm

It’s been a busy week but I wanted to tell you about this new farming book as it will be on sale at the Ploughing Championships. I was late to their book launch as I was doing a talk on crowdfunding and when I got to Ann and Robin Talbot’s farm, there were loads of people milling around with their copies of ‘A Year on the Farm’.A year on the land[...]

What time is your dinner at?

Farmers meals tend to be at different times to other occupations but they vary hugely between farmers too. Most farmers will have their dinner in the middle of the day, partly because they are near to the kitchen as work from home and partly because they start physical work so early in the morning, they need their meat, spuds and two vegetables by the mid day.

Beef Pie and Butterflies[...]