How Safe Is The Food We Eat?

When tweeting as @Tweetingfarmers for a week, I was asked a question that surprised me – ‘What is the possibility of antibiotics being in the milk we drink?’ It surprised me because the person who asked is very aware of food safety and I wondered if people are reading stories in the papers of unregulated horsemeat in burgers and antibiotics in beef in non-EU countries and wondering if it really is like this in Ireland. Although farmers get the CAP [...]

Where’s The Pride In Irish Farming Gone?

Irish Dairy FarmingWhere’s the pride gone in Irish farming? Most American farming blogs communicate a sense of pride in their chosen career, in how they farm, their farming practices, their ability to produce food for so many people, the fact that they are a 4th or 5th or even a 6th generation family farm. ?Irish farmers seem to be stereotyped as looking for [...]

How Long Does It Take To Cook A Nutritious Meal?

I’m conscious I haven’t written a post about the #horsegate saga yet, partly because I know I’ll probably start to rant and never shut up but will try to contain my angst and not ramble on!

It beggars belief that an Irish abbatoir has been deliberately labelling horsemeat as beef and exporting it. A criminal activity that I hope lands them in jail, given the pride, money and work that goes into the traceability of Irish beef. ?Farmers have to keep [...]

How To Make Clotted Cream

I have had making clotted cream on my ‘to do’ list since I saw it made on an ‘Edwardian farming’ programme on the BBC last year and when invited along to bring ‘peasant chic quirky picnic food with a story’ to a photo shoot for the new Irish Country Magazine of the Irish Farmers Journal, I thought I’d attempt to make some as the perfect accompaniment to my spot o dick fruit bread and homemade raspberry jam.

I made 3 batches, [...]