Lord Galmoy of Garrendenny Castle



My father moved up to Garrendenny Castle when he was 7 back in 1945, his father having inherited it from an uncle who bought it around 1908. Before that it was owned by the Warren family for about 30 years and before that were relatives to the Butler family of Kilkenny Castle, albeit very much the poorer relations.

Garrendenny was often described as a “poor man’s castle’ consisting of relatively small rooms, one room wide in the 3 storey part with [...]

Marriage For Irish Farmers Through the Ages

Would You Marry a Farmer?


Farmers haven’t always been seen as a good catch. Farming was often be a very isolated occupation, with the farmer living on an isolated farm, eking out a living and caring for an aged parent, usually a mother. The age difference between husband and wife could be a couple of decades in some cases, partly because the man could be in his 40s or 50s before he could afford to marry. His father might have died or die during the [...]

An Irish Wake

The Irish Wake is popular within Irish folklore and within Irish books (or at least it was popular when I was in school!) so I just thought I would write a post showing what the modern Irish wake is like, and to be honest, it is probably not all that different to what it was like 50 or 100 years ago. Less alcohol now but the principle is still very much the same.