How Long Does It Take To Cook A Nutritious Meal?

I’m conscious I haven’t written a post about the #horsegate saga yet, partly because I know I’ll probably start to rant and never shut up but will try to contain my angst and not ramble on!

It beggars belief that an Irish abbatoir has been deliberately labelling horsemeat as beef and exporting it. A criminal activity that I hope lands them in jail, given the pride, money and work that goes into the traceability of Irish beef. ?Farmers have to keep [...]

My First Vine Video – Making Marble Cake

My first Vine video!!

All went well until we realised the cake wasn’t cooked through. Lesson here – never video when trying a recipe for the first time! The recipe called for a bundt tin, well, I had a bowl with a fluted edge but it didn’t have the hole in the middle hence the cake was still liquid in the middle. The edges and top tasted yum though 🙂

Elderflower Cordial Recipe

I quadrupled the recipe below twice this year for our elderflower cordial so I have loads in the freezer.

It is a bit scary how much sugar goes into it though but I guess at least when you make it yourself you are aware of the amount of sugar! I have made it with two thirds of the sugar too [...]