Irish Farmerette makes Spelt Bread – Delicious

As I am gluten and dairy intolerant (yes, great for a dairy farmerette!) and I’m not as good at staying off them as I should be, I was delighted when Marian Hearne published her book ‘Dairy Free & Spelt Living’. Now, as Marian says, spelt does not mean it is wheat free but it is so much better for me than ordinary flour.

I recently made one of the breads having eventually purchased many of the seeds etc that were included in the recipe. ?Please excuse the knife marks in the top of it but I couldn’t find my skewer!

It was scrumptious. I’m not sure whether it was the various seeds that gave it such a lovely flavour or if it was the spelt flour or perhaps it was the combination but it was a really easy bread to make and it didn’t last too long once it was made.

I’m not going to provide the recipe (buy the book!) ?but if you have allergies or intolerances, this is a handy little recipe book to have on the shelf for recipes for tasty breads as well as lots of other dishes.

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