Me and my Dad

Me and my dad - 1970

When I think back over my childhood in terms of farming, it’s my dad who features in most of my memories. Even though I wasn’t the kind of kid who lived for farming (I lived for books to be honest), I spent a lot of time with him – because he was a farmer.

Lots of dads spend more time now with kids than they used to, it’s often dads that bring the children to activities, they bath them, they read [...]

Memories Are Made Of Days Like These

Today was one of those days when memories were made, an ordinary day yet very special in its own way. Maybe it seemed all the more special because I was made more aware yesterday of the fickleness of life, of taking life day by day, of knowing that nothing about the future is certain, not even our continued existence.

Moving Cattle

I went to the Embrace Farm service yesterday, a [...]

April Fools Jokes & Some Family History

The children delighted in trying to trick us with April Fool jokes this morning – the lambs were out, there was a spider in my hair, the bus was coming etc! And of course, we pretended to be taken in each time which increased their enjoyment.

It reminded me of when a grandaunt used to visit from the UK. She used to tell us stories of mischievous tricks my dad got up to when he was young. Every time she visited [...]

Farmers Unite During Spring 2013

Boy, what a spring! The Irish countryside looks more like it has been sprayed with weedkiller than its usual lush self. While temperatures have been warmer the last few days, heavy rain during the week meant that cows and cattle had to be rehoused. We’ve been quite lucky, we’ve had sufficient silage, we got the cows out by day for most days and got half the cattle out for a few weeks. We have spent about ?7,000 more this March [...]

20th Wedding Anniversary

The children went back to school today so apart from the weather being April showers one minute and November storms the next, it is definitely autumn now. Summer is gone and we’ll see if autumn can do what it says on the tin!

We celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary on 20th August. I dug out some old photos to show the kids and then thought I’d scan a few. [...]