Meet Donna, the Midlife Farmwife from Illinois

I love seeing farmers blogging and more and more are taking to tapping away on the keyboard. In Australia and the US, it seems to be becoming more popular as farmers use it to educate consumers, particularly against the increasingly popular videos and scaremongering regarding cruelty on farms. It’s hard to believe, as farmers, that some consumers don’t realise that potatoes are grown in the ground for example let alone where their meat and milk comes from.

I’m starting a new [...]

Social Media Saturday – 5 Benefits of Blogging for Farmers

5 Benefits of Blogging for Farmers

Every farmer is a business person. They are usually self employed and their income relies on selling a food product. Some farmers will sell their product directly to market,e .g. cheese at a farmers market or icecream to a supermarket, and more and more farmers are working at adding value to their product and selling it themselves. Other farmers sell their grain, milk and meat directly to the milk processor or factory. I believe the [...]

Social Media Saturday – Farmers on Film

I’ve been intending to start ‘Social Media Saturday’ posts on this blog for some time now in order to share social media tips for farmers, particularly those who are selling or planning on selling directly to consumers or to supermarkets. I’m a firm believer in ‘People buy from people’ and if consumers recognise your brand or feel they know you because of your social media presence, they are much more inclined to buy from you.

I met The Little [...]

Tweeting Farmers

Have you heard of the @tweetingfarmers yet? Created by the Farmers Feed Families team and on the premise that we eat three times a day due to the work that farmers do so let’s find out more about where our food comes from, how it is created, the daily lives and work of the farmers, the price they get for their produce and everything else that farmers are willing to share with their consumers.