First Post – a bit about me!

Well, here it is, the blog for Irish Farmerette, a blog I have been meaning to start for quite some time. I’ve been blogging over at Garrendenny Lane for almost four years but am trying to keep its blog posts more focused on the business now as I was getting too many hits from non-related searches and I was missing posting about my other life – that of being a mum and a farmerette!

I remember receiving a phone call one day while stirring something for dinner and the man was asking if I had a particular breed of pig (having come to my blog following a post when my children had visited their cousin with her miniature pot bellied pigs). I couldn’t hear him properly and initially thought he was asking about a particular fabric as my mind was racing and thinking ‘is that the name of a GP & Baker fabric?’!!

I’m delighted to have installed my own header in the blog, okay, the photography isn’t great and I must get a clearer, more up to date photo but it is so easy to do when you ?know how. Violet Posy has some very clear instructions on how to do it so do check out her tips. ?I seem to be taking more ‘farm’ and ‘family’ photographs now with the iphone as it is usually in my pocket so the quality of them isn’t going to be great either but hey, as long as you’re not here for the beautiful photos, we’ll get along grand!

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