One Man and his Dog

Our dog went missing one afternoon this week. He is usually with Brian on the tractor or working the cattle. If not, he is put into his kennel but as he is becoming more mature, we have become more lax about trusting him to stay around if Brian is away. Last Sunday, when Brian was driving to the outfarm, he was astounded to see him along the main road, got him into the car and gave him a good telling off when they got home. To our knowledge, it was the first time he had strayed away.

Then, on Wednesday, he was with Brian working away and then disappeared. Brian rang me to check if he was up the yard as there were contractors working there but no sign. After an hour of calling and searching, we texted and called to a few neighbours. Then we got a call to say he had been at a neighbour’s house an hour ago so Brian headed off to look for him and eventually found him. We were lucky as he had crossed main roads a few times and could have been killed. The only thing we could think of was that he had smelt a dog on heat and headed off and became distracted by some diggers working near the athletic club.

We were all overjoyed to see him back, not just because he is a good working dog (doesn’t seem to understand me that well but obeys Brian perfectly, they say each good dog only has one master) but he is one of the family. Plus, I’d have to become very fit if anything happened to him. Having a good dog saves a lot of running (and cursing!) as running after cattle may be good for the figure but it is not so good for the temper.

There is something particularly lovely about watching a dog enjoying his work, having a good instinct for working with cattle – it really is like poetry in motion.

6 thoughts on “One Man and his Dog

  • imen

    I love this new blog Lorna! Will be fun to follow along =) It’s hard to think of the farm dogs running away….to me it seems like ours never would…but I guess you never know!! SO happy he came back to you! Imen xx

    • Lorna

      Thanks Imen, have been meaning to start it for ages and have loads to write about but time …..
      We were really surprised too but he has done it now 3 times in a week (and never ever strayed before). He is 3 this month. Hopefully it is a phase and by keeping him very close, it will pass.

  • Lorna

    He went off again today, luckily we found him quickly. He is getting into the habit now, even when he is with Brian. Debating getting him castrated but people say that won’t make any difference and apparently his workmanship as a good cattle dog will be affected too. We’ll just have to become much more careful with him. The difficulty is when he is with Brian doing cattle but then when Brian is moving fences or something, he seems to get itchy feet.

  • WiseMona

    God. I hate it when they wander off like that.
    Especially a well trained dog. Our little pup never wanders too far from my heel
    and like you Lorna, I would be lost without her. She is part of the family too.
    Glad he came back, and you are probably right. Chasing girls!



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