Sunday Walks

We went on a ‘farm and forest’ walk on Sunday, up through the farm we call ‘Kerrs’ after the man we purchased it from in 2006. When I was a child, it was known as Bolgers and before then it was owned by a Wilson family, they had 8 children and when the father died, leaving a young widow with her 8 children, she emigrated to Canada with 7 of them, the eldest staying behind as far as I know.

This is the house as it stands now and Brian and I would love to do it up and retire there. The fact that it can only be reached by a lane (ie tractor/jeep) makes it more attractive somehow. It doesn’t feel isolated as it has fabulous views. ?The exterior of the house is in reasonable shape and the inside is just a shell.

The photos were taken with my iphone so aren’t great but you can get the idea. It would make 2 fine bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs and a large kitchen and sitting room downstairs with a small utility and shower room. We’ll probably be about 70 before we manage to retire so we’ll probably end up moving to a modern bungalow somewhere but it is nice to dream!

?There’s something really special about going for walks up there.

We then crossed over into land that the previous owner sold to Coillte who have been in building roadways and thinning through the trees.

The goats, of course, have to peek out through their ‘window’ to see what is going on! ?They are the most inquisitive animals 🙂


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