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Busy weekend – farmer wants a wife, blog awards …

I’ve a very busy weekend ahead. Tomorrow night, I head to Armagh to judge the ‘Farmers Wants a Wife’ competition. It is in aid of charity and ten farmers will be interviewed and do a ‘party piece’ before a crowd of over 300 people.

farmer wants  wife

The president of the YFCU and I are judging and if I remember correctly, our scores will account for 30% of the marks – [...]

Great Outdoors Category in Blog Awards Ireland

Blog Awards Ireland is open for nominations for 2013. The event itself is being held on 12th October and nominations are open until 31st July.

The exciting news for this year is that there is a ‘Diaspora’ category(sponsored by TG4) , this means that bloggers outside Ireland who are Irish or who have an Irish ancestral root of some kind can enter their blog in this category – the blog can be of any theme.