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A busy fortnight ……

It has been a very busy week. I’m working away on this anniversary booklet for ‘Mayo 200’ which needs to be at the printers in a week’s time and we’re planning to put the Blog Awards website live later this week too. I really shouldn’t be blogging at all!

It was extremely busy on the farm last week. ?Some of the calves had been poorly on and off, scouring but still drinking milk. We just got the test results back to [...]

Calves Coming Backwards

Calves tend to suck everything, particularly after they have just had milk. They will suck at my waterproofs if they can, they will suck each other – each other’s ears, hair, navels, fetlocks – you name it, they will suck it!

It’s unusual for them to suck at each other’s mouths though and it happened with these two while I was [...]

One Man and his Dog


Our dog went missing one afternoon this week. He is usually with Brian on the tractor or working the cattle. If not, he is put into his kennel but as he is becoming more mature, we have become more lax about trusting him to stay around if Brian is away. Last Sunday, when Brian was driving to the outfarm, he was astounded to see him along the main road, got him into the car and gave him a good telling [...]