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My Farming Month: Award Winning Scones, Anniversaries and How Things Are Not Quite What They Seem


Helllooooo, long time no see – I know. You see, remember that book I’m working on and self publishing in September. It was tootling along fine, needed lots and lots of re-writing of course as my drafts are always ridiculously long-winded, ?and then six weeks ago, I decided to change the angle on one section which led to two sections. Translate that into a re-write on 20,000 words. I liked the look of it and then I looked at the [...]

Farm Women Interviews Required

I’ve just resumed the writing of my next book. The working title is How To Be A Perfect Farm Wife – with plans for it to be realistic yet funny with plenty of tongue-in-cheek humour. ?Similarly to Would You Marry A Farmer?, this book will be written for the new farm wife in mind, the woman who is marrying a farmer and isn’t quite sure what she is letting herself in for, who wants to be informed but I hope [...]

Book Review: Irish Farming Life

I was delighted to be asked to review Irish Farming Life by Jonathan Bell and Mervyn Watson. The book is the result of 30 years of curation and work in the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum. It deals with the history and heritage of farming:

“By history, we mean the past as described and interpreted by scholars. We use the term heritage, on the other hand, to describe how the past is presented in art, folklore, drama, music, poetry, [...]

Sunday Book Review: The Yorkshire Shepherdess by Amanda Owen

I’ve decided to move my book review post day to Sunday – that way I can give myself an excuse to spend time reading at the weekend rather than rushing to finish it on a Wednesday or Thursday evening! ?Online social media courses start again next week with We Teach Social and I know I will be busy with everything else that is coming up too – more on that soon!

I was amused when I first came across [...]