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Garrendenny Matchmaker

New update – 18th January 2014

Garrendenny Thomas has had a name change. I can’t remember the twitter conversation with Progressive Genetics but apparently I made a comment that it would be fun to have a name based on matchmaking given the title of my book. I knew there was a bull in New Zealand called Matchmaker. ?We were just checking details yesterday and noticed his name has been changed – it’s now Garrendenny Matchmaker, which is kind of cool. [...]

Nellie, daughter of Garrendenny Lucifer

It’s been a busy month, we’re up to 120 calves now with 25 cows left to calve. To say the compact calving worked well this year is an understatement! ?Having said that, most of the allnighters and long mornings and evenings teaching newborns how to drink milk are over, feeding them now is pretty quick. ?More on that in the next blog post!


Garrendenny Lucifer

We were delighted last year to sell one of our bull calves to Dovea for as an AI test bull, after many small hiccups and delays.


It’s nice to see Garrendenny Lucifer featured in the catalogue – nice EBI now of 262 now too. It’ll be interesting to see how he gets on. His Garrendenny comrades are [...]