Garrendenny Matchmaker

New update – 18th January 2014

Garrendenny Thomas has had a name change. I can’t remember the twitter conversation with Progressive Genetics but apparently I made a comment that it would be fun to have a name based on matchmaking given the title of my book. I knew there was a bull in New Zealand called Matchmaker. ?We were just checking details yesterday and noticed his name has been changed – it’s now Garrendenny Matchmaker, which is kind of cool. He’ll be doing tests in February so it will be interesting to see how things go after that.

We received an update on our bull calf that went to Progressive Genetics back in July. Hopefully he will continue to do well and father lots of good dairy daughters.

Garrendeny Thomas

He has passed all his tests so far and is now in quarantine, they will start to take semen samples from him in February, all going well. His EBI is 315 so it’s looking good. He won’t be on any of the lists for next spring but his semen will be available for artificial insemination.

I was intrigued to see what name he’s received and was hugely amused to see it is Garrendenny Thomas because Thomas was a fairly popular family name and it’s my dad’s second name. Thomas’s mother has been named Thelma! ?Hopefully we’ll have another bull calf good enough for an AI station this spring and his mother can be called Louise!

Thomas is actually related to Garrendenny Lucifer, who is with Dovea. Lucifer’s sire is SuperSonic and he is also Thomas’s grandfather. Supersonic is also the sire of our best cow (mother of Guinevere, best calf this year). Lucifer is number twenty-something on the Active Bull list at the moment so he’s doing well.

More info on Garrendenny Thomas here!

One thing about breeding cows – it’s really interesting to see the different bloodlines develop, particularly when identifying cows for potential bull mothers.

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