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Traditional Homemade Barm Brack for Hallowe’en

Homemade barm brack

Hallowe’en is coming and it brings shorter evenings, cosy fires, crisp leaves underfoot, frosty mornings, fancy dress, carved pumpkins (we’ve moved on from the turnips we used to carve), trick or treat and of course, barm brack.

The barm brack is a fruit loaf, delicious spread with butter and if it goes a little stale, it’s even more delicious if lightly toasted and then swims in melted butter (a bit like a toasted teacake). Hey, it’s coming into the winter and [...]

Happy Hallow’een

Happy Hallow’een!

We did most of the dressing up on Saturday when the children had friends up to play and then I brought the 4 of them to a parish youth club disco. We’d to leave early as it was my turn to get the pizzas and drink etc and I thought giving myself 90 minutes to carve 3 pumpkins with them and paint four faces while they took it [...]

Hallow’een Traditions – the ring in the barm brack

One of the definite hazards of working from home is that of putting on weight. It is all too easy when the brain is tired from writing an article or a blog post or uploading products to feel that you need a sugar kick with your cup of tea and being Irish, I just cannot enjoy a cup of tea without something to dunk in it! I recall being so surprised when I moved to England as when you were [...]