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How To Stay Married To A Farmer


Being married to a farmer has its challenges, there’s no doubt about it. Being married to a farmer means that you end up being bottle-washer, calf rearer, taxi service, book keeper, midwife, cook, cleaner, grass measurer, negotiator, sales person – you not only become a farmer yourself but you have to be one with bells on! So how do you stay married to one?

How to stay married to a farmer[...]

8 Pre-Nuptial Agreement Suggestions for Marrying Farmers

Apparently some farmers are deliberately not getting married because they fear a prospective wife may divorce them and take half the farm. Parents aren’t handing over the farm to their son in case their daughter-in-law gets half the farm in the divorce courts. Caitriona Murphy was recently awarded a journalist award for her discussion of pre-nuptial agreements in a series of articles for the Irish Independent. The latest news is that the IFA have called for pre-nuptial agreements to become [...]