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My Farming Week: There’s Something About Mary

There's something about Mary

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, is the reason this Hereford-Friesian calf is called Mary. Yet, by the end of her third day of life I had to admit there was definitely something about Mary. She was a tad infuriating for the first couple of days of her life although, being so young, it’s not like there was any point getting cross with her.

We had Hereford calves last spring for the first time in decades and they all took to food like [...]

Maggie Moo passes an important test

Maggie Moo here again 🙂 I’m getting really big and I’m really enjoying being out in a huge field with lots of lovely green grass to eat. We moved away from the field near the yard about 4 weeks ago. It was nice there as we could see the farmers working, we could see the cows going in to be milked and chat to them as they walked back to the field after milking. Sometimes the hens came up to [...]

A Busy Week In May

It’s been AI season now for about 3 weeks. I should know the exact date we started as it is all written in a little white book but I’m up in Athboy for the Blue Jeans Country Queen festival (which I’m judging, just in case anyone thinks that I somehow bribed my way into the contest!) and this is the first chance I’ve had to blog for a wee while. You’d never think I spend half my day [...]

Maggie Moo – a Spring Update From Garrendenny Farm

Hi, it’s Maggie Moo again, number 2014 in the Garrendenny herd. It’s been very busy lately, you wouldn’t believe the hard work it is being a calf. We have to sleep a lot you see. Once we get our warm milk in the morning, we have to lie in the cosy straw and sleep for a while. ?Then we have a skip around and eat some calf meal. There’s been lots of things happening on the farm too – some [...]