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How to Scan A Cow For Pregnancy

The cows and heifers were scanned today to check that they were pregnant and to confirm calving dates. ?It went well, all but two cows were pregnant (there were a few who deliberately weren’t put in calf) and all but one heifer, she may have lost it. 2.5% of the cows weren’t in calf which is pretty good considering the year that was in it as we had a few that retained cleanings (afterbirth) due to mineral deficiency. We were [...]

Tweeting Farmers

Have you heard of the @tweetingfarmers yet? Created by the Farmers Feed Families team and on the premise that we eat three times a day due to the work that farmers do so let’s find out more about where our food comes from, how it is created, the daily lives and work of the farmers, the price they get for their produce and everything else that farmers are willing to share with their consumers.


Our Weekend – Milk Recording & Moving Calves

It’s 1st May on Wednesday – the beginning of summer allegedly! ?A load of hay from Kent arrived at our local Glanbia creamery today with 48 large bales. We didn’t need any but there were plenty of farmers arriving with small trailers, there are a lot of older suckler farmers around here who have been drawing silage to their stock for the last two months.

We had planned to let the cows out tonight for the first night but they’d still [...]