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Book Review: The Real James Herriot

James Herriot biography

James Herriot biographyAlong with millions of others, I’ve loved James Herriot’s series of books. I read them as a teenager many times, my copies are very dogeared! ┬áJames Herriot’s books was one of the reasons I wanted to live in Yorkshire but never got there. Maybe we’ll head there for a while when we retire. I reread them again about two years ago, enjoying [...]

Book Review: Call The Vet by Anna Birch

Call the VetCall The Vet starts with Anna Birch on a call to a tricky medical situation with a cow – it calls for a wine bottle (as a tool!), she is splattered with all kinds of gung and because her new abode doesn’t have have hot water, she is forced to rinse off the gunk with sugary warm coffee from her flask before she falls asleep. If anyone is [...]

Book Suggestions for Farmers for Christmas

I’ve been reading a couple of books a week this year, well, most weeks and given that books are one of the most popular Christmas presents, plus there’s the fact that Christmas might be the only time of year that farmers really get to sit down and relax, I thought I’d share my favourite reads with you. Hopefully providing you with some gift inspiration too!

Irish farming lifeIrish Farming Life

I loved [...]

Book Review: James Herriot

I’ve been re-reading the James Herriot series over the last couple of weeks. I first read them as a teenager, and still have almost all of the dogeared copies. I picked up an omnibus of 6 of the books in a second hand shop a while ago, just couldn’t resist it. It must be 3o years since I last read James Herriot but I must confess to occasionally recording All Creatures Great and Small when it was on TG4 every [...]

Sunday Book Review: The Yorkshire Shepherdess by Amanda Owen

I’ve decided to move my book review post day to Sunday – that way I can give myself an excuse to spend time reading at the weekend rather than rushing to finish it on a Wednesday or Thursday evening! ?Online social media courses start again next week with We Teach Social and I know I will be busy with everything else that is coming up too – more on that soon!

I was amused when I first came across [...]