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Maggie Moo on Chewing The Cud

It’s Maggie Moo here again.

Isn’t the weather fabulous? We have been basking in wonderful sunshine for the last week. It makes such a nice change after having to go back into the sheds last week.

Field Names

We’re on a field called ‘The Banks’, so called because it was used for open cast mining here years ago so had many many holes in it! The banks refers to all the holes not a ready supply of money. The first Sixsmith to this [...]

Maggie Moo passes an important test

Maggie Moo here again 🙂 I’m getting really big and I’m really enjoying being out in a huge field with lots of lovely green grass to eat. We moved away from the field near the yard about 4 weeks ago. It was nice there as we could see the farmers working, we could see the cows going in to be milked and chat to them as they walked back to the field after milking. Sometimes the hens came up to [...]

Maggie Moo – Lots of New Calves

Hi, it is Maggie Moo here again and I got big yellow earrings since the last time you saw me.

Maggie Moo

Coincidentally, it is the year 2014 and my tags have the same number. The reason we have tag numbers is so that we can be identified and traced. If there is ever a problem with a disease (such as Foot and Mouth in England a few years ago), all bovines [...]