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One Girl and Her Pup

One girl and her pup bringing in the cows

We bought a new pup a couple of months ago. Sam, our hardworking collie, will soon be ten years old and apart from thinking that he probably needs a rest, we’re very conscious that we would be lost without a good dog. Put it this way, I’d need to improve on my fitness! Indeed, when we see him next to an exuberant pup, it really brings home that he’s worked hard his whole life and is starting to slow up [...]

The Power of We – One Man & His Dog

Are you wondering if I had disappeared off into an abyss? I don’t think I’ve visited this blog at all for the last month, I’ve lots to post about but just didn’t have the time – just as well I was organising rather than trying to do well in Blog Awards Ireland?and there you can read our post on how the ‘power of we’ managed to create an event on Saturday night that turned out to be a [...]