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What’s A Proper Farmer’s Wife? Past & Present

What constitutes a good farmer’s wife? ?I was amused to see this quote in ‘My Farming Week’ in the Farmers Journal a few weeks ago.

Proper farmers wife


I may share a name with this proper farmer’s wife but I think that might be where I draw the line at calling myself a good farm wife. Yes, I cook a dinner nearly every day but there’s often a limit to the amount [...]

How To Be A Perfect Farm Wife

What is a perfect farming wife? Are you one? I’m certainly not but I guess I have worked out some ways to cheat at it!

The perfect farming wife according to the farmer must:

  • Organise his paperwork and be able to find the piece of paper he left on the table three days ago
  • Be an eternal optimist
  • Be flexible – never tie him down to an exact time for anything
  • Cook hearty meals
  • Organise his wardrobe so he can find co-ordinated ‘good’ clothes easily
  • Pair his [...]

What It Means To Marry An Irish Farmer?

With St Patrick’s Day coming up, a common question that is circulating online is ‘What does it mean to be Irish?’ ?Having written a book which poses the question ‘Would You Marry A Farmer?‘ and answering the question with a ‘yes’ in the book, I was inwardly amused last week to hear myself muttering ‘who would be stupid enough to marry a farmer?’ as I tried to get a stubborn (and stupid) calf to drink milk late one [...]