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Marriage For Irish Farmers Through the Ages

I’m somewhat amused (and tickled pink) to see that my post ‘Advice to those thinking of marrying a farmer‘ is now my most popular post, even surpassing my clotted cream recipe post. It seems that many people are wondering if it is a good idea to marry a farmer or not – I do hope my tongue in cheek post doesn’t put anyone off! 😉

Farmers haven’t always been seen as a good catch. As depicted in the film [...]

Parallels between Pilgrim Hill & The Chastitute

I have yet to see Pilgrim Hill and looking at where it is on, it seems the nearest place is going to be Newbridge for a single viewing on Thursday May 16th. Reading the reviews reveals it to be shot as if part documentary, part feature film. Jimmy ?Walsh is a bachelor farmer who is part carer to his aged father. His only company are his cows and a friend Tommy who talks of emigrating. ?The film shows [...]