What’s Happening at the Book Launch on Facebook

You are cordially invited to the Facebook launch of How To Be A Perfect Farm Wife on Friday 23rd October over on, yes, you’ve guessed it – Facebook! No matter where you live, you’ll be able to dip in and out. No need to dress up, you can attend in your PJs if you want to. You’ll have to make your own tea and pour your own wine though!

What happens at a book launch on Facebook? Well, there will be competitions and of course, prizes. There will be fun and I hope, laughter. If you have questions on the writing process of the book (or any book), editing or self-publishing, my editor Sally will also be joining me at around 4pm to answer questions. I’ll be leaving it open so you can pop in with a question at any time after that. We’ll be sharing farming stories and anecdotes too.

Facebook book launch

It starts at 10am and I had planned to be at home all day but having being invited to a bloggers breakfast for a Savour Kilkenny event, I found I couldn’t say no so the timings of updates in the morning to early afternoon might be a little erratic! I’ll be posting an update every 2-3 hours from 10am to midnight. If you’d like to join in, I’d love to see you there.

I’m also delighted to tell you that How To Be A Perfect Farm Wife is now available in ALL good bookshops in Ireland as well as on Kindle. Easons put in a large order yesterday so it’s now available in all Easons stores as well as independent bookshops. The paperback will soon be available on Amazon too as well as available to order in bookshops abroad.

Perfect Farm Wife Woman's Way

I received a phone call from a bookshop owner yesterday, she had spotted it in Woman’s Way and was wondering how she could order it as she couldn’t find it on the Easons HQ site so I was delighted to tell her I’d just got the order and they’d have lots of books in stock today.


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