Wordless Wednesday – Hot Cows

Not quite laughing cows this week! They have been finding it hot the last fortnight and have been back in milk by about half a gallon a day each as the grass quality just hasn’t been as good for the last week.

Irish Dairy Farming


We took out quite a few paddocks last week (baled silage from the grass on them as it was getting too strong as it just grew so quickly when it became hot here) and have grass for the next ten days and then there isn’t much coming on at all as there hasn’t been rain for two weeks.

Two Pink Noses!

We’re feeding some meal to the cows and might start buffer feeding with baled silage tomorrow. Lots of farmers on drier farms are feeding silage already. It’s great to have the good weather but temperatures above 26 degrees Celsuis with no rain is challenging!

Irish Dairy Farming

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