Would You Marry A Sheep Farmer?

Farmers are supposed to be a good catch aren’t they? Salt of the earth, trustworthy, kind, good with animals (hopefully with people too), healthy, fit, community spirited, tanned (well, a farmer’s tan anyway) and in possession of some road frontage – what more would anyone want?! ?I’m often asked where might one find a nice eligible farmer? ?The choices vary between the Young Farmer Macra events, online dating sites such as Muddy Matches and the mart! ?There doesn’t tend to be many women at Irish marts or at discussion groups either so there’s plenty of scope for finding a single farmer.

One Dog and his sheep

However, I do think agricultural shows are a great place to meet someone. You can target particular areas for specific farmers. If you’d like a tillage farmer, head to the big machinery section. ?However, it comes with a word of warning as while that big Blue Holland tractor may look impressive, the size of the loan may make you wince. ?If you like animals, head to the show animal section. Bear in mind though that while the farmer coiffeuring the beef bull to within an inch of its life may look impressive, it could be likely that he will spend more time coiffeuring his animals than anything else. The farmers watching might be a better catch!!


Twitter and blogs are now becoming good locations to find eligible farmers and you can suss out his posts and his tweets in advance too. I know of one American girl who moved to Ireland and married her Irish farmer after conversing with him on his blog.

What about a sheep farmer? I have to admit I love watching the ‘one man/lady with their dog’ contests. They have to be my favourite part of any show. If you are after a sheep farmer, then you have to go to the World Sheep Shearing Festival in Gorey next week. While there will be 40,000 people there over the few days, there will be plenty of sheep farmers too – from fit sheep shearers to sheep enthusiasts. ?I’m going to be there too. Well, I’m not actually going to be shearing any sheep although I’ll probably watch some. I’ll be located in the Slaney Foods tent of the Good Food Village signing and selling my book ‘Would You Marry A Farmer?’ for the four days so do come along if you would like the ‘manual’ and a good laugh.

I was interviewed on Beat FM today and it will be broadcast on Sunday during the Sunday Grill programme. I’m going to be on the red couch on Monday morning on TV3 Ireland AM – my first time to do live television so that will be interesting!! I have to ensure that I am colour co-ordinated with the red couch and orange cushion šŸ˜‰ I’m scheduled to be on at 10:25 am but of course, that could change.

Blue Jeans Country Queen festival

I’m also looking forward to judging the Blue Jeans Country Queen competition in Co. Meath over the bank holiday weekend. Yes, couples have been formed from this weekend too so it’s a brilliant place to go to find a farmer – and a country queen too of course.

I was interviewed last week on the Kildare Today programme on KFM Radio, here’s the podcast if you would like to listen to it. My other bit of news is that the book is now going to be on sale in Easons stores nationwide too so I can now say it is ‘available in all good bookshops’ and that sounds like music to my ears. Have a lovely weekend. Lorna

(Photos – Golden Shears and Blue Jeans Country Queen)

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7 thoughts on “Would You Marry A Sheep Farmer?

  • Vanessa Tucker

    This post is older but relative for me today. I met a sheep farmer while on a bus tour in Ireland, we are currently dating and will be getting married. Iā€™m from the US and it should be a very interesting and rewarding life.

  • M T McGuire

    Good luck with the interviews. Keep off the small checks on telly and well done on the publicity, awesome stuff. šŸ™‚ and yes, I’d have married a sheep farmer…. If I loved him enough. šŸ˜‰ but when I was choosing a mate, fate was too busy having a laugh and, having heard me swear that I’d never marry a lawyer, it was busy hooking me up with one of those to find me a farmer.



    • Lorna

      Lawyers probably work similar hours!

      Thanks, one dress has green spots (sounds awful but is fab) – would prob look like bedazzling checks on TV so will wear the other one. Happy with both anyway and need new dresses for other things so am delighted that shopping trip is out of the way and very painlessly too.
      Just watched Friday’s Ireland AM programme and they showed my book on the screen – was v exciting seeing it on the TV!

  • Dee Sewell

    Well I know where to send the single middle aged women who asked me recently if community gardens were good places to meet men! A sheep farming life seems a good life (from someone who hasn’t a clue)! Best of luck with the TV and radio promos.



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