Update: Dancing Heifers, Christening Cows & 1960s Marriage

Rua, our Red Heifer with her cow's lick

It’s quite a while since I last wrote a ‘My Farming Life’ post – mainly because writing, editing and self-publishing took over. It doesn’t mean life on the farm has been quiet though, there’s been lots going on.

Naming Cows

One thing we did was we have registered our dairy herd as pedigree now which is exciting for us. What was even more interesting was choosing names for them. There’s just over twenty cow families in the herd so we had to [...]

Cows In Calf

I spent most of today on the farm today and it was lovely. I’ve been so busy lately and Brian didn’t really need me much so I just haven’t been doing much farming and I missed it. Between organising the Blog Awards, getting ready for the Ploughing and other things, the month of September has just flown. ?The Blog Awards was a great night, you can see all the photos here, the 80s theme worked great, lots stayed [...]

Autumn at Garrendenny

It’s September and after a very dull and autumnal final few days in August, it’s fabulous to have good weather, even up to 22 degrees Celsius the other day which was baking! It’s our last chance to get those jobs done that we meant to do all summer – these include painting the outside of all the windows (I’ve almost finished all the downstairs ones), power washing the house and painting it too. We are being safety conscious and borrowing [...]

Blackberry Picking

Well, October arrived and so did the rain – it’s been raining steadily since but it is supposed to clear up again. ?We did quite a bit of blackberry picking from mid September, not as much as I had planned, but a reasonable amount. The kids got into it this year (didn’t get bored after half an hour) and filled their buckets each time.

Picking Blackberries[...]

Autumn Dairy Farming

I haven’t written about farming as much as I’d intended this year – mostly because it was such a disasterous year with the extremely unsettled weather – it just made farming so much more of a challenge as well as being an expensive year. ?Farmers had hoped for a good autumn so they could keep the cows out at grass and milking for as long as possible but that just hasn’t materialised. According to our milk collector, lots of farmers [...]