Busy weekend – farmer wants a wife, blog awards …

I’ve a very busy weekend ahead. Tomorrow night, I head to Armagh to judge the ‘Farmers Wants a Wife’ competition. It is in aid of charity and ten farmers will be interviewed and do a ‘party piece’ before a crowd of over 300 people.

farmer wants  wife

The president of the YFCU and I are judging and if I remember correctly, our scores will account for 30% of the marks – [...]

Farming Stereotypes – How Do They Reflect Our Farmers?

We’re all familiar with stereotypes but I thought it might a bit of fun to explore the various stereotypes in farming from country to country and to see how you all respond – do you feel you fit into the stereotype or is it a million miles away from how you would like to be respresented?

Australian Farmers

What do you think of when you consider Australian farmers? What might they be like? What comes to my mind are sheep farmers (some [...]

Feeding Silage Contractors: Tips from an Irish Farmerette

I always seem to be busy when the silage contractors come and they always need to be fed – dinner, tea and often supper too.? I usually make 3 chicken or beef casseroles and a big saucepan of mashed potatoes followed by either a rhubarb crumble, a rice pudding or if time is short, the fruit strudels from Aldi. Tea is usually a fry up with grilled bacon and sausage, baked beans, white pudding and fried eggs followed by scones [...]