A Hot Irish Summer! Would You Believe it?!

Ireland is experiencing a pretty good summer this year with a heatwave this week. Well, it might not be a heatwave in the technical sense but for us pale Irish folks, experiencing a few days of 25-27 degrees celsius in a row – it’s a heatwave! We can even become relaxed about whether we get out to sit in the garden or not, knowing it is likely to be nice for a few more days. Two good summers in a [...]

Memories Are Made Of Days Like These

Today was one of those days when memories were made, an ordinary day yet very special in its own way. Maybe it seemed all the more special because I was made more aware yesterday of the fickleness of life, of taking life day by day, of knowing that nothing about the future is certain, not even our continued existence.

Moving Cattle

I went to the Embrace Farm service yesterday, a [...]

Queen of the Herd

Queenie of Garrendenny HerdThis is our Queen of the Herd – number 476. She was born in 2000 and had her first calf in 2002, our first calving season here in Garrendenny. She’s getting pretty old and to be honest, most cows of her age and condition would have been culled by now. However, farming isn’t just about making a profit, there will [...]