Irish Farmerette Goes To Wales

As you can probably guess by the silence here, it’s been a busy week. I went to Wales last week for a two day trip (more on that in a moment), then I was teaching in Co. Meath and then catching up on everything and getting ready for teaching my first online pinterest course over at We Teach Social.

The silage was cut while I was away! We started it on the Bank Holiday but it became misty so [...]

Wordless Wednesday – Farming Vines

Letting out the cows this morning – up to one of my favourite fields ‘High Shores’ – not named shores because we live near the sea but because it and another field were once owned or rented by the Shore family -hence we have a ‘high shores’ and a ‘low shores’.

Letting The Cows Out[...]

It’s Raining Men!

It’s not deliberate that I haven’t been writing about the farm lately, well, not really. ?It is just that it has been so so wet that it is somewhat depressing and the last thing I wanted to do was write a blog post that complained especially when I keep seeing blog posts and pictures about the drought in the States which is worse I think.

It’s frustrating too as it makes it so hard to make decisions. It’s hard to decide [...]

Farming – Kids Style

It was nice to have a sunny warm day today for a change. For the first evening in ages, the kids played outside till late and then came in exhausted, hungry and filthy. It is incredible to think there is such a bad drought in the States and so wet here. ?Lots of farmers have all their stock in and no silage cut which means they are either finishing off last year’s silage or buying some which is going to [...]

Our Silage Saga

Wow, it has been a busy few weeks! I’ll start off by filling you in on our silage saga and a saga it was. I don’t think I could have written about it before now as I would just have ranted and ranted so I had to get all that out of my system!

For anyone [...]