12 Phrases Farmers Use (and expect you to understand)

Some of these terms are included in my book but some are ones that have occurred to me since publishing or that people have asked me about. I hope you enjoy and if you are a non farmer – that these farming terms provide some enlightenment.

1. Pet Lambs

This doesn’t mean that the lambs will be pets forever. Some female sheep may remain so but unless one is a good enough ram for breeding, all the lambs [...]

The Latest From Garrendenny

Jack and DaisyIt’s been a busy few days. The lambs have been up and down – it seemed like Jack had joint ill (which could kill him) and then he was puffing and panting a bit so it looked like he had pneumonia. Daisy was a bit flaky and fussy for a day too so she got a nice big needle too. Happy to report that both are [...]

Bucket List for 2014

I’m not a great fan of writing goals and objectives – it all seems a bit too organised. I think I surprised Amanda recently when I suggested we create quarterly goals for We Teach Social and ?evaluate each three months – all duly done! ?I prefer to create a bucket list – things I’d like to achieve by the end of the year but it’s not the end of the world if they don’t happen. ?I wrote a [...]