Girls Wearing Glasses Need Not Apply

I found some great Personal ads when I was researching for ‘Would You Marry A Farmer?’ Rather stupidly, I somehow lost all the ones I didn’t use so sometime, I must have a look again.

Here’s one of the ones that really made me laugh, from as recent as 1970! It was in the Anglo Celt. We just had to produce this illustration with the farmer, of course, wearing glasses as he visualises the wealthy and glamourous woman of his dreams. [...]

Meet Donna, the Midlife Farmwife from Illinois

I love seeing farmers blogging and more and more are taking to tapping away on the keyboard. In Australia and the US, it seems to be becoming more popular as farmers use it to educate consumers, particularly against the increasingly popular videos and scaremongering regarding cruelty on farms. It’s hard to believe, as farmers, that some consumers don’t realise that potatoes are grown in the ground for example let alone where their meat and milk comes from.

I’m starting a new [...]

What Happens At A Macra Blue Jean Country Queen Contest

Remember I told you I was heading up to Athboy last weekend to judge the Blue Jean Country Queen competition? A huge responsibility as, along with two other judges, I would have to decide on a winner amongst 25 Macra girls from all over the country.

It started with launching the event where I met some of the girls (aged from 19-30) and the other two judges plus the busy committee members.

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Book Review: The Girl Who Came Home

The girl who came home - book reviewThe Girl Who Came Home is an Irish story about the Titanic. It tells the story of a group of fourteen who left a tiny village in the West of Ireland to travel to America, to their new lives, aboard the Titanic. Many books and films have dealt with the Titanic before but most tend to concentrate on the first class passengers, this [...]