Going on a Journey

Dee’s post about journeys on her new blog got me thinking this morning. We don’t often get to take long journeys now and I was remembering how I hated heading home with the car and that dreaded boat journey as I tend to get terribly seasick. I don’t mind flying but don’t enjoy long flights and all the hanging around airports (mind you, very few people probably do!).

Then I started thinking about how I always prefer the journey rather than the destination, particularly when we used to renovate and decorate houses in the UK. We would finish the house, enjoy it for a month and then think to ourselves, right, what will we do with ourselves now? That got into a bad habit though as we’d finish one task and jump straight to another without taking time to really appreciate and enjoy the feeling of success. Someone did make me realise a few years ago that I wasn’t taking time to celebrate our achievements and I didn’t want the kids to get into the habit of that either!

Things are relatively calm at the moment. Yes, they are busy between farming in inclement weather, Brian having to do enough work for two men, the Blog Awards is keeping me busy let alone Write on Track and Garrendenny Lane and we could do with more money coming in to match the outgoings to the bank but we are managing to stay on the treadmill most of the time. ?The journey of life is fairly calm albeit busy.

In another month or so, we have a decision to make – if we decide not to head off on another journey, life will stay pretty much as it is – busy but not overtaxing, challenging without being too demanding, not boring but fairly safe. ?If we do decide to go on this journey, it could be a real rollercoaster with lots of ups and downs – financial ones (probably lots more dips), emotional ups and downs and lots of uncertainties that will cause some sleepless nights.

I tend to be the more impulsive one. It is extremely unlikely that I would ever say ‘no’ when Brian suggests a new project or journey. On the other hand, he tends to pull the reins whenever I come up with a rather haphazard idea. This possible upcoming journey though has been in the planning stages for some years and decision time is coming up as to whether we go for the final stage and bite the bullet on something that will affect the rest of our lives for everyone in the family! ?I’m excited yet terrified, hesitant yet I’m longing to go for it.

Rollercoaster or …………? ?Hmmmm.

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