Happy New Year

Happy New Year! The decorations are down, the fake tree and the decorations are back up in the attic and true to form, we find a stray decoration as we come downstairs! The real tree is mostly on the hall floor and awaiting removal by husband who is spending most of his free time putting in new cupboards and sink in the utility.

I realised that my husband is a workaholic many moons ago. We had moved into a dump of a house in August 1998, it held lots of potential but we basically had to camp in it for 4 months. We managed to get the living room floor down and fire sorted for Christmas along with the installation of half the kitchen, the sink and the dishwasher. I announced I was taking four days off – to watch ?Christmas movies, to read books and to go for walks in the New Forest and enjoy lie ins too. ?By St Stephens Day, Brian was feeling twitchy and suddenly got up from his armchair. I looked up in surprise from my book as he announced he was going to assemble more kitchen cupboards while I snuggled more determinedly down into my armchair.

True to form, Brian is getting twitchy again, despite having plenty to do on the farm from 8am-5pm most days at the moment. ?I often wonder what we could achieve if he actually had holidays from the farm or whole weekends off – we’d either kill each other or my to-do list for the house would be completely completed which would be fab!

I’m still in ‘slow holiday mode’ but having to get some stuff done as we are off on a holiday later in the month and if I don’t, I’ll be paying for it later.

I see lots of bloggers are writing down their resolutions or the goals they wish to achieve in 2012 so here I go, biting the bullet!

  1. Relax! and Reward myself for achievements.
  2. Lose weight and get fit. Even the kids are looking at photos from a couple of years ago and telling me how much thinner I was then!
  3. Finish writing my book.
  4. Write an e-book in conjunction with the Write on Track website
  5. Generate more business for Write on Track
  6. Triple sales to Garrendenny Lane and triple site traffic too.
  7. Finish the interior of the house! Get Brian to finish the kids’ tree house.

8 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  • All things nice...


    Hope you had a lovely Christmas and best wishes for the New Year. I moved house over the New Year and have no laptop or internet access hence the lack of correspondence recently. My mother’s laptop which I used also broke and now my blog isn’t working correctly 🙁 I never even thought of New Year resolutions this year. I am starting a new job next week too. Off to buy the farmers journal now.

    All things nice…

    • Lorna

      These things are sent to try us aren’t they?! I can’t comment on blogger blogs at the mo for some reason. I have to admit I scarcely opened the laptop at all over the xmas and the new year and need to get blogging for GL and WOT! Best of luck with your new job and happy new year, Lorna

  • WiseMona

    Wow – you are organized and so ambitious Lorna!
    I cannot even put my hopes and dreams for this year in writing – well, except for
    finishing and selling the book of course. Tell me, how do you plan on tripling your sales for
    Garrendenny Lane? What is your secret?

    • Lorna

      I should have reviewed my goals for 2011 though to see if I achieved them! Re GL, 2011 was the first full year for the new website and I guess I’ll keep doing what I am doing, getting as much PR as poss and building on SEO and getting links. Tripling is just a goal to monitor as I go along I guess and gives me something to aim for.



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