Childhood Memories of Rugby & Baking

With Will watching the rugby in the living room and Kate & I baking away in the kitchen, I was reminded of some of my childhood Saturdays as a kid. My dad would be watching the rugby and everytime a try was scored or something exciting happened, he would shout for my mum and she’d have to run in and watch the replay even though she wasn’t overly interested! ?My younger sister would often be helping her bake and I was usually curled up in an armchair reading one of my Enid Blyton books!


I wonder how my kids will remember their winter Saturdays – out feeding calves in the morning, sometimes pancakes for a late breakfast, Will watching the rugby, Kate and I baking and cooking dinner, followed by either me reading aloud to them or watching the Big Movie on RTE. Yes, we have lazy Saturdays at home. ?Both kids are very like me in that they hate going anywhere on ?a Saturday. We did swimming on Sat mornings for one term last year and this year we went to Coderdojo for a number of weeks and will probably get back to it when the calf feeding has eased but I love love love hard working yet lazy Saturdays.

That’s a photo from a few weeks ago – today we made cookies from a new recipe which were yum, a ?Dundee cake and a carrot cake. We made chicken tagliatelli carbonara(sp!! – rushing now to go out and feed the calves!) for dinner 🙂

Pizza and rock shandy as a treat tonight for tea. Hope you are all having a good weekend. xx


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