Irish Farmerette’s Bucket List for 2013

bucket listForget about goals and objectives though I have written them too and am slightly daunted by my long list of goals but a much more fun list is a bucket list for 2013, and having just read a suggested list on I decided to write a list of ten things I’d like to do/learn/achieve in 2013.

1. Learn how to crochet more than granny squares and make something more adventurous than a blanket.

2. Learn how to patchwork.

3. Read more books.

4. Write a book. I’ve had an idea for a novel in my head for the last 3 years and am determined to finish writing it this year. It may never be published but I am determined to write and edit one and then see what happens. Am trying to write 500 words most nights at the moment and ?am just writing, no editing or I’d never get any further.

5. Sort out the garden!!

6. New bathroom.

7. New bedroom.

8. Become somewhat fitter. Cycle more.

9. Fit into a size 10-12 by October. yeah, right, one can dream (and starve!)

10. Go on a city break, I’d love to see Prague or Warsaw.

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