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Book Review: The Real James Herriot

James Herriot biography

James Herriot biographyAlong with millions of others, I’ve loved James Herriot’s series of books. I read them as a teenager many times, my copies are very dogeared! ┬áJames Herriot’s books was one of the reasons I wanted to live in Yorkshire but never got there. Maybe we’ll head there for a while when we retire. I reread them again about two years ago, enjoying [...]

Book Review: Rooted in the Soil

rooted in the soil

I always enjoy the writing of Mervyn Watson and Jonathan Bell: academic yet accessible; informative with lots of interesting nuggets, and it always has a gentle and respectful tone to the time and subjects they have researched. Strange but their writing always brings a certain sense of peacefulness when reading.

Lorna with Mervyn Watson


This [...]

Book Review: American Housewife

American Housewife US cover

I was intrigued by the title of this book when asked to be part of the book review panel for Sean O’Rourke’s programme on Radio One. American Housewife – was it going to be a parody or a serious take on the housewife of today or perhaps of times gone by?

American Housewife UK coverAmerican Housewife consists of 12 short stories of varying length. It opens with “What I Do [...]