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Book Review: Renegade by Marjorie Quarton


RenegadeRenegade is a historical novel. It looks back to 1788 when young Henry Fulton entered Trinity College. He seems reckless as he agrees to a duel and then falls in love perhaps impetuously. He becomes a Church of Ireland clergyman, meets with Wolfe Tone and is immediately impressed by him and joins the Society of United Irishmen.  Wolfe Tone [...]

Book Review: The Barracks by John McGahern

The BarracksThe Dark and Amongst Women have been on my list to reread for a while as it’s probably close to twenty years since I read them. I picked up a copy of The Barracks recently, John McGahern’s first novel and got around to reading it this week.

Mid century rural Ireland. Reegan is a sergeant, living in a small town barracks, fed up of his superiors, hoping to resign and [...]

Book Review: Call The Vet by Anna Birch

Call the VetCall The Vet starts with Anna Birch on a call to a tricky medical situation with a cow – it calls for a wine bottle (as a tool!), she is splattered with all kinds of gung and because her new abode doesn’t have have hot water, she is forced to rinse off the gunk with sugary warm coffee from her flask before she falls asleep. If anyone is [...]

Book Review: The House Where It Happened

Martina DevlinI enjoy historical fiction and I was intrigued by the blurb on The House Where It Happened by Martina Devlin. It is set in 1711 amongst an Ulster Scots community in the remote eastern corner of Ireland. The unnrest, death and murder that occurred half a century earlier still seems to be uppermost in most people’s minds. A belief in ghosts and witchcraft along with strange happenings put people [...]